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The Girl Next Door | Ifunanya Georgia

I am the girl next door

A flower in its prime, full of alluring scent as it gleams

Her breast pointing as she dazzles with

her impeccable brown skin

Her lips calling for an embrace as she talks and flips it

I am the girl next door

Who is expected to act in a particular manner

The girl you judge by her looks before you even meet her

The girl you traduce in the open and long for in your heart.

I am the next door

The girl stuck with a debauchee in matrimony ridiculed for being alone.

Termed a gold digger for wanting good things and still seen as a puta when I get them myself

I am the girl next door

I hate my sister so I seduced her husband,

Then I join the whole world to castigate her

I am supposed to be her zoar but I afflict her with anguish.

She wore a torn robe I laughed but I had extra to spare.

I am the girl next door

I blame myself for being curvy and radiant when u can’t keep your hands and pintle in check.

I mask myself with masculinity to be free from your wrath.

You curbed my sex drive before I even have it.

I am the girl next door

Who you take forcefully regardless of her will or consent,

Shrink her finances and strike her lips with your elbow to keep shut.

So to get even I become promiscuous giving you the children of my lover just to get even.

I am the girl next door

Going at every length to be heard, seen and protected

With my scare I still breastfeed

With My aching arms, I still support

My bleeding lips still kiss your ego

I am the girl next door

You tamed me for will your wild son to prey on.

I hope you will understand my plight;

You will respect, care and love me.


Photo by Ani Kolleshi on Unsplash

About the Author:
Ifunanya Georgia is a writer, poet and lover of knowledge.
Currently a student of Psychology at the University of Nigeria Nsukka.
IG:@ iam_nanyageorgia.

Published inPoetry&Musings


  1. Chidiogo Chidiogo

    NanyaGeo, upcoming Achebe.

  2. Excel mmesoma Excel mmesoma

    Nice one

  3. Nkem Jika Nkem Jika

    Nice one dear.
    Keep blazing ♥️

  4. Olaedo Olaedo

    Queen Georgia❤️
    Words ain’t just enough…YOU ARE TOO GOOD 💋

    I stan🙌🏽

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