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Thatched Roof | Ruth Torty

You are the temptation

I always fall into

You are the fire

My bosom can not handle

Let’s be at arm’s length


This thing you call love

The lust that burns within me

Is a free one-way ticket

Straight to hell

The kind I cannot afford


Let’s stop patching this ‘us’

These ‘everyday leaks’

Your incessant demands

My never-ending frustrations

They are the result of the storms

We were never built to handle


Perhaps in future

If I ever become a better man

The kind who will honour GOD

For now

Let us stop building this thatched roof

Let us be strangers.

Photo by Jocelyn Morales on Unsplash

About The Author: Ruth Torty is first, a Christian, then Biochemist and Biotechnology & Healthcare content writer. She enjoys watching IAAF championships, TEDx videos, reading novels and praying.
Instagram, Facebook and Twitter: @Ruth Torty

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