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Why Poetry & other poems | Nwobodo Constantine

Why Poetry

Why poetry?
‘Tis the eyes through which
We see the beauty of creation
The pathway of the soul
And the river that flows in our mind

There is more of poetry
Than expressions and rhymes
Than painting and arts
‘Tis where tears and joy are
Poured out in stylish fashion

It can be in music
To send beauty and love
To those with hearing but can’t see
Or, in painting and poems to ones
With sight but can’t hear

Poetry really cut across
All ramifications of life and creation
We see it in the beauty of the sky
We feel it in the gentle warm breeze of summer

We play and ski in it
In the white woolly snow in the hills
We can’t stop dancing to
It in the rain

Poetry is us and the creation
Put it down when you have inspiration
And you’ll be playing
A part in re-creating


Nocturnal Song

Come to me my Nightingale
With a melody of songs and folktales
OH! You songbird of the moon
Nurture my weary heart, with your song
Night stars and clouds are heavy on me
Come to me Oh my Nightingale
With your melodious
Nocturnal song, to liberate my
Jaded soul from the chill of the night


Crack Of Dawn

Crack of dawn
Peeping through my window’s net
Singing birds
And morning cockcrow
Waking me
To another beautiful morning.



Thousand boarders
And many scary oceans
In between us
Can’t stop
Our friendship

Sing to the wind
My heart has ears
They hear from afar
The hummings of
Your love.


Photo by Maryam Aldarwish on Unsplash

About the author:

Nwobodo Constantine is a graduate of Federal College of Education, Pankshin, Plateau State where he studied the French Language. Hailing from Enugu State and a current resident of Jos, his interests are nature, music, and travelling. Find him on Facebook: Constantine Esibe Ifeanyi

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