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Tomorrow; I Don’t Like Poems | Ifunanya Georgia.

You give fortitude to the weary
thus refreshes hope for a better beginning.
You smile at the prepared and scoff the unprepared.
With your sturdy feet, you kick away our doubt.
You mollify our conflicting quest while you feed our desire.

You are full of uncertainty that pierce our soul
and darken our imagination.
You birth needless procrastination.
You alter destiny as an ancient young fellow with black teeth.

You keep knocking unabated at the doors of our dream.
Your mission utterly ambiguous
You’re always a day away though you never really come.
I hope you smile on us this time with your green teeth.

I don’t like poems

It reflects the colour of my soul.
It conveys the thoughts I may never speak of
thus lightens my burdened heart.

I don’t like poems
I hear it speak to me in tranquillity.
It whispers the wisdom of the aged and the wit of a
traveler, It tastes like almond dipped in vinegar.

I don’t like poems
Yet here I am writing and pondering on the words
to placate my ever sturdy quest for bliss.
Even as I tame my unruly cupid for ink.

Photo by Tengyart on Unsplash

About the Author:
Ifunanya Georgia is a writer, poet and lover of knowledge.
Currently a student of Psychology at the University of Nigeria Nsukka.
IG:@ iam_nanyageorgia

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  1. Chidiogo Chidiogo

    Wonderful piece like always. Nice one sis.

  2. Favour Favour

    Nice work

  3. Chinwendu Chinwendu

    Wow what a very nice piece 👌, keep it up sis

  4. KesTheSentry KesTheSentry

    😁 wonderful, I don’t like poems either.

  5. Roco Roco

    Super proud of you Hun…may your ink never run dry

  6. GentleLion GentleLion

    Wow what an amazing and interesting poems you got up there Honey… More wisdom and understanding from heaven Above… I must confess I have not ever read ur peoms before not cux of anything but he is always too Lazy to read oo..

  7. Pascaline Pascaline

    I always wait for a release of a new poem from my super star poet, sour higher Georgie embodiment of wisdom, we await for more 100%


    Wawu the sky is your starting point the piece is mind blowing keep it up

  9. Bobby a. k. a billionaire Bobby a. k. a billionaire

    Its a master piece. It will only take elevated mindz to get the message behind each word.
    Georgia, I wish to see more as u get better. Its just a way of saying ure good but there’s more room for better. There’s no best cos even the best must get better if they must keep up with the growing world of poets

  10. Jeff Jeff

    Waw! It’s beautiful, keep up the good work

  11. BlarQ BlarQ

    This is a wonderful piece
    Keep it up

  12. Chimaobi Chimaobi

    Good poem you’ve got there Ịfụnanya

  13. Hucchey Hucchey

    A Passionate writer I admire!!

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