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The Portrait; A Failed Generation | Abuchi Onyema



On the eve of that awful day

Crows and vultures were all hovering

Crying in soliloquy like the night owl

The sky darkened in fear of what to come

As it rumbles with thunderstorms

Singing the songs of dirge


As the sun goes down to meet darkness

The vampires came out to kill

On that tollgate of bloodbath

Where men and women in their prime gathered,

To seek the face of good governance

In oneness and absolute unity


Night came in a uniform suit

Beckoning on the god of death to take over

Voices were heard from west and south

Seeking for help in the arms of death

That headless herdsman on tint

Got them slaughtered like lambs


War became imminent, death inevitable

As the river floods, so their blood flows

Washing away corruption and poverty

Bring Renascence of a new beginning

Call them by their names

Those heroes that paid the ultimate prize


In our hearts, we engraved thy names

All you men and women of valour

Your sacrifice will never be in vain

Posterity will forever remember

Thy names are well written in gold

Deep down our hearts as memories

May the dead never die….!




Let it sink deep down

The difference lies in the colour

We all same in race and face

Stocked in a state of penury

Bankrolled by gents in power

Unconcerned bourgeoisie

Electrifying our ends and pain


So few, but arrogant elites

Who rejoice in our ignorance

Feeding us like prisoners

Grinding us to paste and powder

Distracting our mind from reality

With a good chunk of our resources


Crime has besieged us

Our night can’t have a rest

Every move with a bloodstain

Geared by men and women in uniform

We keep burying our children

The future we hoped to erase our past

Everything went beneath a shallow grave


Let’s stand our ground and unite

And have our fist high against the oppressor

Let’s match with much animosity

Ignited by the pain incubated within

As we savage our future generation

An egalitarian for posterity to witness

Lest we label a failed generation.

Photo By Waleadebisiphotography on Twitter

About The Author: Abuchi Onyema is from Anambra state, Nigeria. A graduate of public administration from federal polytechnic Oko. A lover of literature and arts.

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  1. Constantine Constantine

    Very nice piece there ! Keep it up bro

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