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The Hunter’s Narrative | Ridwan O Adedeji

Madam Night took you on a date

Into raised dust of streets

Your eyes like frog’s rolling the contours of the littered street

The Woman of Your Dreams may be anywhere, everywhere

You have never been lucky with the ruby pearl called love

The definition of beauty has eluded you

Is it the effulgent black or

Pale like yellow banana or

Fair like a sun-ripen papaya?

Is beauty the size of a corn stalk or

Plump like a headless banana trunk?

For the first time in your three decades and one,

Madam Night stamped on your forehead kisses of good luck

There, swished by the wind of good fortune, stood TWYD

In the unlikeliest of places, dressed to kill

Lined under street lamps among her ilk

Customer, come here now

Your heart lilted in consonance with the melodious voice

What to do?

Do you strike an accordion of conversation with her?

Or just tell her in words as simple as, “I want you”?

No, that would make her look a prostitute

Do you tell her, “Follow me”?

A bargain would follow

No, she is not a prostitute

Do you tell her your escapades with girls?

That you are a bad boy yourself

Or you tell her you are celibate all because of her.

How soon will you tell her you love her?

Will you say the magical words too soon?

“Will you marry me?”

Or will you feed her honey on a leaf of lie?

Will you take her home to chop rites?

Or to Shoprite to shop right?

So she may leave her blossoming business for your cage of love.

You will shoot your shot, you assure yourself

Even if you misfire, you will reshoot

Till you slip that ring into her finger

And she is yours and yours only

No hunter brings meat home by giving up on a misfired shot.

Photo by Berlian Khatulistiwa on Unsplash

About the Author: Ridwan O. Adedeji is a three hundred level student of English Language, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife. A native of Iwo, he espouses an egalitarian society that has sincere interests in its helpless and less privileged.
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  1. Rahaman Quadri Rahaman Quadri

    May your pen never dry…. The next Soyinka in making.

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