The Boy Child;The Black Race: Poems By Jeremy Classic

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Who would save the boy child from his hidden pains?

What could set him free from societal shackles and chains?

Inability to express to the world his emotions,

The boy child’s life opposes several wrong notions.


Smiling but crying inside

Lively but dying inside

Hardhearted but soft inside

Less worried but in him worries reside


Who said the boy child doesn’t shed tears?

Who said he doesn’t face challenges and fears?

Who said his heart is made of granite and rock?

Who said he’s able to withstand pressure and shock?

Give listening ears to his stacked up problems, you’d get amused

Imagine the boy child is maltreated, molested and abused

In ill situations and traumas, he becomes heartbroken

Trying to show strength, he keeps his thoughts unspoken


Maybe you never thought he would have insecurities

Try finding out why he indulges in some evil activities

Maybe it’s pressure from peers, families or communities

From a tender age, he’s saddled with weighty responsibilities


Oh! Help make the boy child happy and free again

Help make him feel loved, outspoken, help with the pain

For his emotional improvement is a big gain.



At the wake of the 15th century, colonialism took place

Amidst this, the Whites traded on the Black race

With shackles and fetters on our hands and feet

Like offsprings of a helpless sheep, we could only bleat


The Europeans were first to start this inhumane motion

Bundling Blacks in cargo ships across the Atlantic ocean

Asia and America soon joined in this odd trade

Giving out harsh instructions while we obeyed


We soon became to them, huge and swift sources of revenues

Bargainings on our heads took place in their market avenues

Imagine the bitter wailings by our mothers and sisters

As our fathers, sons and brothers were moved to a far distance


Within the sunrise, sunset and sundown of every 365 days

Our males reduced drastically and largely in several ways

Some of us were sold out by our own ruling leaders

While others were forcefully abducted by foreign bidders


They made us believe they brought civilization into our lives

But never admit how they put unforgettable brutal marks on our lives

Lest they forget, Black race didn’t start from slavery

It’s just their forged and made-up stories and imagery


Even when uncivilized, the Black race couldn’t be wiped out

Not now, not later would the Black race be wiped out

It’s no time for Blacks to hurt each other

Rather we unite, support and help each other


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