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Energy Collection | Poems By Nancy E Campos


  • The Moon and Her Lover

  • Oh, Thank You

  • Lost Innocence

  • Purpose

  • The Journey

The Moon and Her Lover

The Moon contemplated him in the dark

Unaware of his love for her

She bathes him with energy and kissed him with her light

As if they were long lost lovers in the night

With the approaching sun, she would have to go

As always every morning dawn stole her glow

She whispers goodbye in his ear

She had to hurry for the time was near

As he reached for her once more

 all his love to her he swore


Oh, Thank You

As I sit here thinking and contemplating life in the dark

I look back at the path I chose to walk

It makes me sad and brings tears to my eyes

I feel the betrayal I can still hear the lies

Giving you that power was my mistake

Betrayal, something you knew my soul would break

Now I judge those who come to close to me

Because of you, because I chose not to see

The truth the hurt and the way my soul was breaking

Till one day my happiness I had to stop faking

The day you walked away I could hear my heart shatter

With your goodbye somehow my life my energy was better

I thought that I would not survive the pain

Life taught me to lose you was my gain

I live my life as I please full of laughter full of shine

For now, I know that happiness is mine

My smile does not depend on you

Oh, and thank you for the lesson too


Lost Innocence

To all those whose innocence was taken

Who’s dreams were stolen, whose lives were shaken

For those of us who trusted and believed

Who now have to learn of that pain to be free

We must not hate we mustn’t carry their shame

It was not us, the innocent are not to blame

You are perfect this you have to know

Brave and beautiful your energy, your soul is aglow

Letting go of the pain may hurt today

Rely on your strength it will find the way

To always inspire to always be there

For those who one day may face despair

This burden is heavy for someone so small

Don’t let this break you remember to always stand tall

Don’t give them that power to dim your light

To steal your smile to turn your days into night

Be patient it may take a while

Time will heal time will return your smile


We all know death is inevitable, right?

The living, can’t escape death

It is said that when humans die

They go to a place in the sky

When plants fade away

 In the wind, they sway

It all ends in a place we can’t see

A place where our energy is free

A place where we can’t say goodbye

Those we leave are left to cry

We’ll  all get there one day when our soul is taken away

But while we have the time, we should learn to live right

For when death comes she doesn’t play games

She comes without warning

 As your last breath, she claims

When you are called the cycle is complete

Time for those left behind to understand what you came to teach

If the lesson is missed once again this realm shall touch your feet

Where sometimes the souls of loved ones again we meet

With that in mind live life to the fullest always striving to do your best

For this journey, we call life is nothing but a quest

We come to learn and to find peace

To do what’s right and not desist

What we leave behind us should speak

Showing grace and living without pique

Being an example for generations to come

That to the ‘Seven Deadly Sins” we did not succumb

The Journey

In the morning when all is quiet I ponder

I am amazed and filled with wonder

I think of all I’ve lived,  how did I survive

Let me tell you, let me give you some insight

The Journey and the lessons are making sense

There were moments when life got real intense

I have learned that its all in my energy

Learning to let go, breathe, and let life flow freely

There’s a  purpose for all things that come and those that go

Only when these lessons I’ve learned will my soul grow

In this world, nothing is mine I come to fulfil a destiny

In my awakening, I had an epiphany

Be open to receive, open to let go, open to love and, open to pain

This is how my soul will ascend how my energy will reach the next plane.

Photo by Franco Antonio Giovanella on Unsplash

About The Author: Nancy E Campos is an aspiring poet from the United States of America writing from Houston, Texas. Her works tell of life experiences, nature, beauty, love, pain, and the beauty of the imagination. She is open to helping many who come in contact with her work. As a builder and upcoming poet, she hopes to help those who have been broken find their voice and the beauty within. She writes both in  Spanish and English she hopes her poems find the right hearts to inspire.  Her works are widely read and awaiting to be published in Melbourne Culture Corner Magazine.


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