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Sandhurst #1 of 5

#1 – On the Surface How do you tell the dead they are no longer alive? How do you plead with the beast that the mother denied? –    From the tales of noon It was hot. But not scalding hot. Just hot enough to bring

Break series

Break #1 of 4

I gasp heavily for breath as I open my eyes.   They slowly focus, and what I see is a little strange. Quite a quaint room; bare walls, simple door, a window with the blinds down, and a was-white-but-now-kinda-grey ceiling I think.  My ears are ringing loudly. Or

Don't Cry series

Don’t Cry #1 of 17

Where had things gone so wrong? Where was that fork in the road that he had taken a wrong turn on? How did it all come to this? Segun thought about these questions as he drove to the office.