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Break series

Break #1 of 4

I gasp heavily for breath as I open my eyes.   They slowly focus, and what I see is a little strange. Quite a quaint room; bare walls, simple door, a window with the blinds down, and a was-white-but-now-kinda-grey ceiling I think.  My ears are ringing loudly. Or


There was chaos.  All around the boy was chaos. But it was a welcomed chaos. Because now, they were no longer captives.  The ship was rocked by the waves of the turbulent waters and the screams of the captors. Here and there, small fires were burning under


This is a portrait without an easel, a painting without a canvas, floating freely in the seat of memory, unfettered by the constraints of reality. It is emblazoned in my mind, a haunting creation of an artist’s craving. It sits in the seat of my consciousness, this portrait

Don't Cry series

Don’t Cry #1 of 17

Where had things gone so wrong? Where was that fork in the road that he had taken a wrong turn on? How did it all come to this? Segun thought about these questions as he drove to the office.

Cast Iron

 “So… you came…” my father said to me.  I shrugged. “They called. I answered,” was my curt reply.  My father—dead father looked at me from his casket, his once ebony skin the colour of faded parchment… no doubt thanks to the cool temperature from the mortuary


Belie  *sniff* *sniff*  Do you smell that?  *sniiiiiff*  That… that metallic ting in the air. It’s a little coppery, isn’t it?  Oh you smell it now, don’t you? Good.  It’s your handiwork. You did it. You should be proud, you know.  What, you aren’t proud? Oh… you’re actually terrified? Hahaha, you’re kidding

Becky Tail

Did you hear about Becky?  What?  No no no. Not Becky Lady Long Legs, although BL3 was definitely something right? Hehe, yeah. Those legs could wrap around anyone and take them hostage, didn’t matter the sex. Oh you didn’t know? Yeah, L3 swung both ways.   I know, right? She


He handed you a gun, “Shoot anyone that comes through that door, reserve one bullet for yourself, just in case.”   Shoving the black pistol into your grip he grabbed you by the neck and kissed your forehead first, before your nose and then your lips.  The kiss lasted barely a minute,