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Nnoko stories

Skeletons in the Closet (a play)

On a nice Saturday afternoon, Thelma comes home to present before her parents the man whom she finally agreed to pitch her tent with… (Knock on door.) Papa Thelma: (from inside) Come in, it’s open! (Thelma struts in with mystery man.) Thelma: Daddy, good afternoon,

Cast and Bind 

The reverend walked up to the front door and gave a steady knock. he adjusted his collar and made sure he appeared as prim and as solemn as he could. He would be on his best so he could snag another family flock into his congregation.  Smiling to himself, he thought of how his ’skills’ had been garnering more fame around town.  These people were simple-minded, and any small disturbance was seen as a demonic possession to them. It didn’t hurt that they brought the cases to him, and he could fire up the congregation into tricking them that they were indeed demonic possessions.
Well, not trick per se. 

The Weak End

Shebi I said it that we didn’t have to go down that cave, and yet stupid me agreed with Jide that we truly needed some adventure in our lives. This is why Nigerians don’t do all these hiking trips; there’s too much ‘otherness’ going on

Don't Cry series

Don’t Cry #17 of 17

Go back to #16 Epilogue She knocked on the gate and waited. She was feeling slightly nervous, but she told herself to calm down. She had tried her best, and it wasn’t her fault that things turned out the way they did. Definitely, she had

Don't Cry series

Don’t Cry #16 of 17

Go back to #15 B How long had it been? A day? Two days? Three? He didn’t know. He didn’t really care. Nothing made sense anymore. The doctors had said that she’d died on impact, and tried to assure him that it was painless. Or

Don't Cry series

Don’t Cry #15 of 17

Continue to #14 A & B Segun tried Lara’s number for the fourth time, but she still didn’t pick up. He was getting very anxious. There was no point in ignoring the fact that he needed to head back home and figure out what was

Don't Cry series

Don’t Cry #14 of 17

Go back to #13 X “Your girl seems to have finally lost her mind.” He tensed up. “What did you ask her to do this time?” The voice on the other end laughed. “Nothing. I was actually calling to congratulate her on behaving properly this

Don't Cry series

Don’t Cry #13 of 17

Go back to Don’t Cry #12 B “What the hell…” Segun whispered in shock when he saw the images of his wife. He and Florence had finally untangled themselves, and the last thing he had expected to see upon returning to his workstation was several

Don't Cry series

Don’t Cry #12 of 17

Go back to #11 A When Lara received the call from her tormentor and kidnapper of her daughter, she told herself that she was ready to do whatever was necessary to get her daughter back. When the call had ended with instructions telling her to

Don't Cry series

Don’t Cry #11 of 17

Go back to #10 B Something told Segun that he shouldn’t have done what he had done, but whatever it was didn’t have enough grounds to exist. Something else told Segun that it was about time he did what he had done, and he was