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Truly Happy Sometime.

The struggle is between the person I was and the person I have become The battle rages every morning I stare at my reflection in the mirror and all I see is a beautiful, enchanting ruin Every morning when I wake up In that brief

Walls Of Ruin

You stand and sluggishly move towards him, dragging the axe behind you. Your face remains stoic as the florescent light flickers on and off, momentarily revealing the beauty of the green peeling paint on the wet walls. In his daze he stares at you, trying


He was walking down the un-tarred road of Ishieke, this boy with a neat afro cut and chalk-white shorts. If there was someone walking along the street at that time, perhaps a teenager, said teenager would see him; this boy on chalk-white shorts and ripped


He handed you a gun, “Shoot anyone that comes through that door, reserve one bullet for yourself, just in case.”   Shoving the black pistol into your grip he grabbed you by the neck and kissed your forehead first, before your nose and then your lips.  The kiss lasted barely a minute,