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A Different World

In the Age of Reading nothing mattered more than the perusing of words. This was an age when people where enthralled by written words. This was an age when words on a page drew people in with a formidable force. And these people read avidly,

Everything’s Fine

You are happy.  There’s serenity in your soul, temperance like a cool breeze on a sweltering day. There’s no anguish in your heart.  No pain, no sorrow in your life. You are really, truly happy. Everything is as good as it can be. Everything’s pristine. Everything’s


This is a portrait without an easel, a painting without a canvas, floating freely in the seat of memory, unfettered by the constraints of reality. It is emblazoned in my mind, a haunting creation of an artist’s craving. It sits in the seat of my consciousness, this portrait