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Monthly Archives: May 2020

Pen To Paper II

I’ve left the pain, it’s the sorrow that calls my name. I’ve left mourning, it’s the ones I left behind that keep me from moving. So I write. Perhaps they can hear me from the other side of this sheet. Maybe, just maybe they’ll let

Truly Happy Sometime.

The struggle is between the person I was and the person I have become The battle rages every morning I stare at my reflection in the mirror and all I see is a beautiful, enchanting ruin Every morning when I wake up In that brief


Adebayo found the lavatory rather quaint. The cold feel of the wall stung his back as he leaned, studying the room. Two small exit doors stood ajar at the extreme, the main large entrance stood behind him and the walls, thick enough to contain even

Walls Of Ruin

You stand and sluggishly move towards him, dragging the axe behind you. Your face remains stoic as the florescent light flickers on and off, momentarily revealing the beauty of the green peeling paint on the wet walls. In his daze he stares at you, trying

The House Called Joy | Joshua Chizoma

What you have has a name.  You are sure if you entered a bus from your house at Ajah and stopped at the general hospital at Obalenede, if you let the doctors there run their tests and flip through their big books, they’d find a


There was this man in our street. He was a regular face and I would always greet him whenever I passed him. He had a sad look on his face every time I saw him. He was about sixty and he always looked unkempt. I

Nutrition In Pregnancy

Nutrition in pregnancy is something that people take to be an over flogged issue, but important things are over flogged for emphasis, not so? The importance of good nutrition during pregnancy cannot be overemphasized because of the effect poor nutrition will have on the outcome