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Monthly Archives: April 2020


  2018. As expected of any prospective corp member,especially one going to a place they’ve never been to before,I was battling mixed feelings . Excited that I’d finally get to experience the compulsory NYSC three weeks orientation and quite uncertain about what the experience would

Female Genital Mutilation

First of all, I would tell you that I’m still shocked that this archaic but dangerous practice is still carried out in places around the world, mostly Africa. I would be a liar though if I say that I am not happy with the way

Nnoko stories

Skeletons in the Closet (a play)

On a nice Saturday afternoon, Thelma comes home to present before her parents the man whom she finally agreed to pitch her tent with… (Knock on door.) Papa Thelma: (from inside) Come in, it’s open! (Thelma struts in with mystery man.) Thelma: Daddy, good afternoon,

Cast and Bind 

The reverend walked up to the front door and gave a steady knock. he adjusted his collar and made sure he appeared as prim and as solemn as he could. He would be on his best so he could snag another family flock into his congregation.  Smiling to himself, he thought of how his ’skills’ had been garnering more fame around town.  These people were simple-minded, and any small disturbance was seen as a demonic possession to them. It didn’t hurt that they brought the cases to him, and he could fire up the congregation into tricking them that they were indeed demonic possessions.
Well, not trick per se. 

Ọlá: The Slave Girl.

A bang tore down the wooden door. Ọlá’s heart thudded faster, her hands clutching her chest. The other prisoners scurried to safety in the languorous shadows slithering down the thick walls. The footsteps reverberated in the distance, then it was thumping right in Ọlá’s heart.

Body Mass Index

Hey guys! Welcome to Healthy Living! Here, we talk about body health, fitness and the mental wellness of the human body, and we do it with so much fun you cannot even believe. My name is OMATONIA and I am a community health extension worker.

Sometime In A Christmas

“Where’s the weirdest place you’ve spent Christmas and new year?” Ejiro asked. No one really paid any attention to the hymn resonating out of the rusty radio. Burning wood crackling in the fire, steaming up with smoke and the smell of roasted meat hung loosely

A Different World

In the Age of Reading nothing mattered more than the perusing of words. This was an age when people where enthralled by written words. This was an age when words on a page drew people in with a formidable force. And these people read avidly,

The Weak End

Shebi I said it that we didn’t have to go down that cave, and yet stupid me agreed with Jide that we truly needed some adventure in our lives. This is why Nigerians don’t do all these hiking trips; there’s too much ‘otherness’ going on