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0’s or 1’s | Zainab Iliyasu Bobi

          If roses

             were black

I will spray a beam of light

          To puncture

            the stem

Then drain the toxic nectar

            And replace

            with rays of hope

To succumb a chance at reality


           the olfactor

will taste some scent.

Photo by Gian D. on Unsplash

About The Author: Zainab Iliyasu Bobi is a Nigerian writer, a poet, and a spoken word artist.
She studies Medical Laboratory Science at Usmanu Danfodio University (UDUS), Sokoto State, Nigeria. Zainab is an avid reader. She is a member of Hilltop creative art foundation, Poetry Club UDUS, Prolific fiction writers community, and All Poet Network (APNET).

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