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Covid-20 | E.C. Noble

“David!!” “Jesus!” I shouted, and rolled till I fell out of the bed, gritted my teeth and shut my eyes. But no way, the pain was still there, so I stood rubbing my left butt, then scratching it. “David!!” “I’m coming!” There are two things

Lilea | Martins Favour

Lilea didn’t know what the universe said to lovers. A tiny shrug, a blank expression, she spits them out from her dark corners and struts away. And to cupid? Her middle finger shot up in the air, an imp smile spreading across her face. Lilea

The Old Man | Venus Chinonyerem Asoka

I know of an old man who lived the life of a Nigerian comedy script; he smelled like wet tobacco drying under a hot sun. His teeth, like the thatched roofing of his wife’s kitchen, were shades of black and brown. He lived in an obscure village in the rural areas of south-east Nigeria which he claimed was a G.R.A because of its calmness and serenity. The old man hardly complained of a difficult village life. He rarely complained at all. He believed that life was to be enjoyed despite all odds. So, every day, he looked forward to tapping his palm trees, playing coupon and making love to his wife.

Primary Lesson; The Two Eyes | Poems By Guna Moran

Original language: Assamese Translation by: Bibekananda Choudhury Photo by Jr Korpa on Unsplash Primary Lesson Seated on the knowledge-workshop of the hearth She Warming the ash-coloured eyes in the burning charcoal Through the gaps of her fingers Said After ten months ten days of sacrifice

Dragonfly | Tina Meeks

You found love in the twists and turns and entanglement of the trees. I found freedom in the flutter of your sparkles. Reflective blue, like hummingbirds in the blink of an eye. This feels good to say. It all used to roll off the tongue

Garden; Surya Namaskar | Poems By Guna Moran

Original language: Assamese Translation by: Bibekananda Choudhury Photo by: Annie Spratt on Unsplash Garden Had been mine till it bloomed Lost ownership after it bloomed Timely manure Timely upkeep Now this much is my job The blooms Dances swaying to and fro In front of


PLATE #5 During an altercation, a man bludgeons his friend to death. He  later on claims that there was a thing which caused him to commit the crime. In this regard, a thing is that which prods, it is that which provokes. All murders, one



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